Sunday, February 2, 2014

Division 10 - Mayor Smith Memorial

Per the title, this will be a Division 10 event in the Mayor Smith Memorial.

I can't remember where I found this map... It's been in my digital collection for some time though.

I've posted the map below along with some counters on it to show the scale. The easy thing to remember is that each square is 1".

Gates will be randomized - everyone will start at any speed up to 30. No speed change during Turn 1.

Here are the players so far -

Billy H - - replied
Paul Spence - - simple reply needed by 6 PM 2/3
Chris Johnson - - replied
Thomas Dawe - - replied
Harliquinn - - replied
David Noal - - replied
Randy Balduff - - simple reply needed by 6 PM 2/3
Curt Lindmark - - replied

I'm still waiting for a reply from Paul Spense and Randy Balduff. If I don't hear from them by the deadline they will be bumped and the next two in the waiting list will move into this event.

I had said this would not start before MH41 was finished, and that's still the case, but I expect it to be finished in the next 48 hours...

Deadline for vehicle submission is 72 hours from now...

Good luck! And most importantly - HAVE FUN! :-)

BTW - any of you coming to GenCon this year? It will be my first...

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