Monday, February 3, 2014

pre-game reading

Though you are NOT required to use it, here's the current version of the MADHAT Spreadsheet. It's the format I put your entry into when I'm checking it. (yes - even if you use this I still "punch it in fresh" so that I don't miss anything)

Thanks to Chris Johnson for starting this and thanks to Curt Lindmark for continuing with updates!

Please note that it does some things that I as a referee ignore... It figures HC based on spoiler/airdam and driver skill. It also figures to-hit rolls based on computer and gunner skill. The notes in my games ignore these "figured" values and uses true values with manual modifiers. Again - just a heads up. :-)

A couple of other links...

The Car Wars Compendium version 2 5th printing is now available from e23 -

I would also like to remind you to request Uncle Al's Catalog from Hell to be released that way. I would buy it in a heartbeat, just like I bought the Compendium...

The FAQ is publicly viewable on Google Docs. It's big, so unless you just want to read EVERYTHING about Car Wars that a ref like me has & does, feel free to skim it and/or search. :-)

The main thing to note is that this is Division 10. Normal AADA rules apply (military weapons are banned, etc.). Personal equipment is limited to any type of Body Armor (including Flak Jacket & Battle Vest) & Portable Fire Extinguisher. Cost & weight DOES apply to the vehicle max cost & weight. You are allowed up to two crew with 30 skill points each (maximum of 20 points in any one skill).

The game is over immediately if someone reaches 100 points and is not OOC (out of control). If someone reaches 80 points they will win in 25 phases if they are still in the lead and not OOC. If they are OOC they will win as soon as they are back in control.

If there is no clear winner by turn 30 then the event ends and the winner will be the person with the most points.

Any specific questions, please ask!

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